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Hon. Seth Damon

Speaker of the Navajo Nation

Hon. Seth Damon, Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council


Bit’ahnii nishłí, Naaneesht’ézhí Táchii’nii bashishchiin, Áshįįhí dashícheii, Tsé Nahabiłnii dashínalí.


Bááháálí, Chilchiltah, Manuelito, Red Rock, Rock Springs, Tsayatoh


Bachelor of Science: Political Science and American Indian Studies, Fort Lewis College


Speaker Seth Damon is currently serving his second term on the Navajo Nation Council. During the 23rd Council, Speaker Damon served as the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee and Vice Chair of the Eastern Navajo Land Commission.

During his first four years, Speaker Damon strongly advocated for Capital Outlay and Tribal Infrastructure Fund appropriations for New Mexico chapters.

On the Budget and Finance Committee, then-Chair Damon directed the development of the $100 million Power line and Chapter Projects Expenditure Plan, the Permanent Trust Fund expenditure plan, and the Síhásin Fund expenditure plan. Under his guidance, the committee worked to increase the rate of return on the Navajo Nation’s investments and sought collaborative relationships with Navajo chapters and small business owners to promote sustainable economic development.

Speaker Damon also championed an initiative to acquire aboriginal lands in Colorado. As a result, the Navajo Nation now extends into the Centennial State.

Speaker Damon’s goals for his term as speaker include promoting sustainable economic growth, expanding the Navajo Nation’s tax base, developing community infrastructure capacity, and working with the Council’s Standing Committees to advance their priorities.